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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress Flanger
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  • Does what flangers do

    As far as a flanger goes, this pedal does deliver the tones of its namesake. Simple to operate and nicely compact, my only gripe with it was what I find with all flangers...they are noisy. That being said, I liked the filter matrix feature on the rate knob which is the setting I found most useful.…

  • Nice flanging effect but cheap, cheap quality.

    Verified Purchase

    I wanted to dabble a little in a flanger with my Nord keyboard and just had this craving for the Mistress. I read that Vangelis used a Mistress stereo flanger with a mic'ed piano for a track from the Blade Runner soundtrack. Let me just say, other then the 22500 looper, I have not had any luck wit…

  • Just the basics, really all I need

    Verified Purchase

    I keep a simple pedalboard, and this flanger is exactly what I was looking for: Quiet, sturdy, small and basic. Very happy with it.

  • Pretty good

    Simple flanger. Great buy at the price. Not as flexible as some but gets it done. Small size on the board helps.

  • Not for newbies

    Verified Purchase

    Keep in mind, I have very little experience with modulation pedals. I play a Goldtop through a tweed if that tells you anything. That said, I've found this pedal challenging. The line between useful tones and '50's sci-fi movie sounds is VERY narrow. It's also quite noisy. I suppose the noise wouldn…