The Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron is an easy-to-use envelope filter pedal that'll have you feeling like the Lord of Funk. An internal envelope follower analyzes the volume and dynamics of your playing to sweep the center of the filter for a wah-like tone that changes as you play. Three simple controls at the top of the pedal set the filter mode, the bandwidth of the filter, and the amount of drive going in. Experiment with the funky vintage sounds of the Micro Q-Tron and you'll never want it to leave your pedalboard.

Product Specs

  • Micro Q-Tron Envelope Filter
  • Silver / Black / Blue
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Filter Pedal
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  • I really wanted a Mutron Micro...

    Verified Purchase

    ...but couldn't pull the trigger on the price tag just to get a tone approaching some of Jerry Garcia's solos. I was instantly pleased with the Qtron, despite my initial reservation around it being a "lite" model of the original Qtron, which I believed even though I had read otherwise. It does del…

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  • Great funk sounds

    Verified Purchase

    This is the first envelope filter I’ve used. I like it a lot but don’t have much to compare it to. The controls aren’t intuitive and I find I need to tweak them often to get the sound I want dialed in. The sound I want can be gotten it just takes some tweaking. The enclosure is a little large but v…

  • Verified Purchase

    Good stuff

  • Still the best

    Verified Purchase

    After trying an MXR filter for a bit, I had to go back to the Q-Tron. It's still the best sounding envelope filter for Bass in my opinion. You shouldn't have to beat the crap out of the lower register notes to get some quack. And you can get that from this pedal. Others, the envelope just wont …

  • Love this pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Have been watching YouTube videos on this pedal for a year now. Made up my mind to go on and get it. Now I can get my Bootsy on...lol.