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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Neo
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  • Simple pedal, but muddy and flat

    I was looking for a spring reverb, but after trying this out with a variety of setups in an FX loop I just find it to be a bit muddy and stale.

  • Simple, clean, and quiet

    No-frills reverb pedal that produces lush tones. The plate setting (exclusive to the Neo model) is pristine and much more useful (to me, anyway) than the flerb setting on the Nano. The only reverb pedal you'll ever need for a live setting.

  • would be ok if it worked properly

    Verified Purchase

    I wanted a simple pedal to emulate the old fender reverb---I think this pedal would work if the unit comes with a properly functioning control knob--the PDF on this pedal says the reverb should be fully off when the control knob is in the extreme counterclockwise position--not true with mine--in t…

  • Not impressed

    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a simpler reverb pedal. This pedal was on respected musicians board and many praised its sound... Sorry, I'm not impressed... it is too muffled for my taste. I'll stick with my Earthquaker Devices Levitation v2 that definitely sounds better and just need a good old analog delay before to be the real grail.

  • The only reverb you need for a simplistic player

    Verified Purchase

    Spring setting sounds phenomenal