Electro-Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector


Bringing together features like a quad arsenal of Guitar Input, Effects Send, Effects Return and Amp Send as well as a two-knob interface of the effects/dry loop thru and a send switch which selects a loop/dry thru signal or loop/dry select switch, the Electro-Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector gives incredible effects control from a single pedal.

Product Specs

  • Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector
  • Black / Grey / Yellow
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector
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  • Exactly what I needed

    Verified Purchase

    I use it as an effects loop switch linked to an EQ pedal in my acoustic guitar's signal chain. This setup gives me a slight volume boost and lifts out the mids in the mix. That way I can accentuate a short phrase (eg. the hook) or even a single note - something that was very difficult using only the…

  • Flexible Tool

    Verified Purchase

    Well built, great price, versatile. I use the Chillswitch after my Carl Martin Octa Switch to run my Hologram Dream Sequence and Infinite Jets in it's effects loop with my Philosopher's Tone compressor. The Hologram stuff can cut a little bit of your tone and volume and I use the compressor to compe…

  • Incredibly simple and maybe a little underrated.

    Verified Purchase

    At the time of this review, I admittedly still haven't fully unpacked the full potential of this pedal, but from the standpoint of just cutting your signal for cool silencing effect, it does exactly what you'd want it do. The send feature is great for throwing in some surprise effects out of nowhere…