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Featuring LED and lamp optical sources for varied compression styles, a 300V toroidal transformer and dual 12AX7 vacuum tubes, the Electro-Harmonix Black Finger puts a professional-grade compressor in a pedalboard-friendly package. Built in a solid chassis and particularly compatible with acoustic instruments, this effect is an excellent choice for singer-songwriters, folk and bluegrass.

Product Specs

  • Black Finger Optical Tube Compressor
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Black Finger Compressor
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  • Sparkling clean tones and sustain

    Verified Purchase

    This is the best compressor that I've tried, I own two and leave mine always on in the front of my rig. They make every pedal on my board sound better. Most other stompbox compressors are garbage, in my opinion.....get one with tubes in it.

  • The size is intimidating before you buy....

    Verified Purchase

    Guitar or bass, it's great! If you've got the real estate for it, there's no better option... at all. I've got one on my bass pedal board and the only reason I don't on my guitar pedal board is because of space. Even if you're interested in one but DON'T have the space for one, I still say get it. It's worth it! :-)

  • Great Compressor

    Verified Purchase

    Extremely versatile, killer tone. Great for either country, jangle; all around great compressor.

  • Tube Magic

    Verified Purchase

    What can I say... I have five of them 'cause I never want to play electric or acoustic guitar without one in front! Subtle compression with tube warmth.

  • Really slick

    Verified Purchase

    I've had a couple of very good compressors - the Xotic SP Comp being the best of the bunch until now. And while I think the SP is still the best for straight compression, I find that the Black Finger gives me something very cool and useful in my signal chain when I am plugging into my computer direc…