Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay Reverse Tape Simulator

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Product Specs

  • Attack Decay Reverse Tape Simulator
  • Orange / Black
  • 2019
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay Reverse Tape Simulator
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  • Absolutely amazing pedal for the price

    Verified Purchase

    I can't get enough of this thing. For the price point it really checks all the boxes. I'm in the same camp as Robert. M. below - this pairs really well with the OBNE Rêver and since i've picked it up it's made its way onto basically every recording I've done.

  • 4 stars, but you gotta try this guy out!

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has it all for an excellent price. 1 star off because in certain settings the output goes to garbage, sounding like a digital recording of loud running water. The sound artifacting is avoidable and doesn't undermine the pedals ultimate function, but there it is. You get a bunch of optio…

  • Exceptional!

    Verified Purchase

    I got this pedal to pair with the vaunted Old Blood Noise Endeavors/Datachoir Rêver. It's an amazing combo, and this pedal is more than just your ordinary slow volume pedal. The Poly setting is incredibly useful, although it does add some subtle artifacts that actually sound cool in recordings. I'm very happy with the build quality, functionality and sound of this pedal.

  • Very Cool

    Verified Purchase

    EHX just has the coolest pedals and this one is included. Not necessarily one you will use all the time but with some thought you can roll this into tunes and get some really cool effects. I like it.

  • It is what I was hoping it was..

    Verified Purchase

    The poly setting is great, gives you multiple swells while allowing the last note played to sustain if you're still holding it, something you couldn't do with a volume pedal. Attack time has a great range, from fast to really slow, same with decay, which if you turn it all the way slow just allows t…