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Reviews for the Egnater Rebel 30 112 Combo
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  • Unreal

    Verified Purchase

    Honestly love the amp. It's my first tube amp after owning quite a few solid states. Currently playing it next to my fender champion 100 and it blows it out of the water. My Guitars sound muddy through the champion compared to the eggnator. Running my Gretsch G5422TG through it which does darken…

  • Look no Further

    Verified Purchase

    Incredible. Best amp distortion Ever!!! Grunge, Rock ,Blues . Even Counry. The fact you can choose the watts on both channels creates lots of options. You can Also choose which tubes you want the amp to use with the turn of a knob. Keeps up with the drummer no problem. For me. This amp is the b…

  • Love It

    The other amp I use is a VOX AC-30. I was looking for something that would pair well with that, something darker. And this amp is definitely dark. I play through a Tele, so balancing that out with this amp gets me some really nice warm tones.

  • Egnater Rebel 30 combo plethora of tones!

    Verified Purchase

    I recently bought one of these after trying out a friends. I play mostly contemporary christian at church, but will occasionally touch back on my 80s hairband back ground... This amp delivers BOTH! The dual channels with seperate reverb for each channel is cool, but the option of running 2 seperate …