The EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay generates polyphonic harmonies and distortions; it's a pitch shifter, harmonizer, and dirt-infuser all in one small chassis. Two voices of polyphonic pitch shifting exist one above and below the root, and each voice can be individually adjusted anywhere from 1 semitone to an entire octave around the root. Mix controls for each voice give you the power to blend each one of them, as well as the root note, into your sound as much as you want, and an input gain can throw in a little (or a lot) of distortion.

Product Specs

  • Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer and Distortion Generator
  • Purple
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay
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  • Temperamental but worth it.

    Verified Purchase

    I use it on bass and for what I use it for it works. I only wish you could find tune the intonation so that you don’t have any dissonance when using it for octaves or 5ths. But all in all I get to do some wicked weird stuff with it in my setup. Freddy H.

  • Verified Purchase

    This pedal is pure fun. Dial in the harmony you want and play dual or triple leads with yourself. You can also lower the dry signal and change the pitch of your guitar. I would recommend adding this to your pedal arsenal.

  • Verified Purchase

    Très bon article...super résultats Seul bémol l'absence d'adaptateur secteur

  • Unique pitch shift

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal adds a nice change of pace as far as pitch shifting goes. I use the gain full blast and a 5th down and a 3rd up but I keep their volumn a lot lower than my original guitar tone and it sounds pretty good. Not as good as a Whammy 5 as far as natural sounding but it does add a lot of flavo…

  • Pitch Bay

    Verified Purchase

    Glad I finally picked one of these up. Versatile pedal for adding a bit of depth or for fully changing up your pitch. Tracks very nicely but it can get a little muddy with high down presence, as well as ringy with a higher up presence. But mess around a bit and you'll find all sorts of pitch/volume combos that add a unique bite to your playing.