EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo One-of-a-kind
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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo
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  • Very unique reverb tones

    Verified Purchase

    At first I was thrown off by the "echo", but when I turned down the "attack" knob, the weird echo was lessened and it was just a very cool reverb with slight modulation, and at lower levels it still let the dry signal shine through. Clean or with overdrive, sounded pretty great. Enveloped the notes…

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  • Best creepy sounding reverb

    Verified Purchase

    Haunting sounding when played clean, mess around with the knobs enough before a distorted amp and it has a thick/ rhythm like feel, it just adds something cool. I use it in my signal chain, not an effects loop, and I use it last after distortion, really cool.

  • Very useful reverb with a twist

    This is a great sounding pedal at any combination of settings. It doesn't do anything bad at all. It has a very delay type of sound to it along with a deep crisp reverb. Just turn all of the knobs up all the way or all halfway as a starting point.

  • ghost echo version 2

    fantastic spring like echo. I found it to be best dialed in at lower settings.

  • Really good reverb.

    Verified Purchase

    It is not your typical spring reverb. It sounds like you are in a cavern and something is following you VERY close... It is haunting! Works wonderfully with eiter clean or driven guitar, including high gain. Get: if you want a wet and dark reverb with a very peculiar haunting sound. Skip: if you need different reverb types in a single unit.