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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz
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  • Best fuzz ever but can’t use it.

    Awesome if you are using it as you main sound and just use guitar volume but to use as a boost or solo tool it can be a challenge. There is a very big volume boost in a cleanish amp. You need a some type of pedal with a level or a volume pedal to tame it. If you could adjust output It would be perfect.

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  • It's the best

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic spitty fuzz sounds with plenty of rumbling overdrive tones available when you roll back the volume knob.

  • The fuzziest fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    I have finally found the fuzz tone I have been looking for with this pedal. It's super dirty, yet clean at the same time. They're not kidding about the perfect fuzz.

  • Fantastic Fuzz!

    Works well with Gibson and Marshall amps. If one likes full on fuzz attack, probably only need this fuzz. My Bellows, Hoof, and Red Llama are not getting much play these days.

  • simple control complex sound

    Verified Purchase

    Fits perfectly among my cluttered and mental pedal board - adds balance by being simple and effective. Harmonic fuzz and less dirty sound than most. Love it