Featuring parameters for tone, gain and volume, voicing options for mosfet, silicon or gritty regular modes and normal/bright and bandwidth control, the Earthquaker Devices Dunes packs the features of an overdrive twice its size into a pedalboard-friendly package. Built as a simplified version of the company's popular Palisades overdrive, this effect packs boutique quality and versatility value into a more attractive size and price point.

Product Specs

  • Dunes Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Earthquaker Devices Dunes Overdrive
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  • Damn good

    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for something capable of delivering the characteristics of a classic TS and more. Which is exactly what I got, a highly versatile pedal covering a lot of tonal options.

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  • Verified Purchase

    Great overdrive pedal

  • My Dune Overdrive is The One

    Verified Purchase

    It's based on the Tube Screamer, but it screams a lot more: lots of gain on tap. It's versatile, and I haven't heard a sound I don't like. If you are more Pearl Jam than Whitesnake, then it's a good bet you will really love this pedal.

  • Fantastic Tube Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    I love everything about this drive. The versatility is amazing. I will admit, I don’t use all of the options it has ( different clipping settings and such) mostly because I have just found the tone that I like best for what I play. If you are looking for a tube screamer and like the TS808 style, this is the pedal you want.

  • What I Was Looking For

    Verified Purchase

    So many OD pedals. So many I've tried. This is the one. Great mids//highs. Perfect amount of sculpting options. Perfect price point. A LOT of volume. Thanks EQD. Remember there is no wrong or right answers. Build your tone to how YOU want it to sound.