Pre-Owned EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter Pedal
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EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer


Mutating your signal into a vicious square wave fuzz and sending it through a universe of modulated oscillation and subharmonics, the Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter transforms your guitar into a three-voice mono synth space monster.

    Master Oscillator: Up to three octaves above input with eight octave interval positions and two unison roots

    Subharmonic: Up to three octaves below input with eight octave interval positions and unison or oscillator root

    Frequency Modulator: Rate knobs and Glide/Vibrato switch (Can only be used w/ Master Oscillator or Master Oscillator and Subharmonic together

    Voice Mixer: Blends levels of Square Wave Generator, Oscillator, and Subharmonic

    Other Features: All-analog signal path, relay-based true bypass switching

Product Specs

  • Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic PLL Harmonizer
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  • Verified Purchase

    It's a PLL that's actually usable and you don't even have to sell any non-essential organs to be able to purchase it unlike another famous but rare PLL. The square wave fuzz is a great addition and is a great standalone effect if used as such, even if it can be a bit too over the top at times. The …

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  • Amazing Sounds!

    Verified Purchase

    It might take a while to get to know this pedal but it is worth it! So many combinations: fuzz, lasers, robot sounds etc. It's tweeker's dream. Take the trip...

  • Robots!

    Verified Purchase

    Yoshimi could punch this.

  • A wild beast of a pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    Great pedal. It is definitley not your run-of-the-mill stomp box. The square-wave fuzz section is good and raunchy and several useable tones are on tap overall, though you need to dig around a little bit to understand its capabilities. The portamento setting is really cool, and if you ever wante…