The Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold brings girtty, no-nonsense amp distortion in the streamlined package of a compact chassis and single gain knob for effects from a beefy drive to searing smack. Deceptively simple, this little stompbox covers a tonal gamut from classic rock stank to stoner metal snarl with the flick of a wrist.

Product Specs

  • Acapulco Gold Power Amp Distortion
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold Distortion
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  • Model T in a can

    Verified Purchase

    Meant to sound like a cranked Sunn Model T, and it pretty much does. If you're looking for anything other than that, you're probably looking in the wrong place. This is a weird pedal in that it has a TON of gain on tap at every position of the knob, but rolling off your guitar's volume will clean it…

    1 person found this helpful

  • Surprising versatility for a single knob

    Verified Purchase

    Like some reviews have mentioned, this pedal can do more than one kind of tone, ranging from sludgy wall of pain to a medium overdrive. While the knob on the pedal controls output volume, your guitar volume knob essentially controls what would be the pedal's gain. This is of course true to an exte…

  • Ruthless.

    Verified Purchase

    absolutely ruthless and has no chill. exactly what I wanted it for

  • If you're into high gain distortion/fuzz sounds, you need this. It's amazing at cleaning up when backing off on your guitar volume. I love being able to control it without have to even touch the pedal.

  • Roars

    Verified Purchase

    Great box. Well made and a cool concept. It responds to pick attack and volume control like an amp about to 'splode. Feedback too. Kinda sharp at the high end for me so it didn't work out. Didn't really mellow out with the tone control on my guitar and I have the treble set to zero on my amp. Does what it's supposed to but not for me.