Emu Emulator II Vintage Analog Sampler With HxC SD Card Floppy Emulator!
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The E-mu Emulator 2 is the legendary and definitive 1980s sampling machine that had a sound unlike anything else due to its low sampling rate combined with analog filters. The combination of these rich analog VCF's and it's low-fi 8-bit sampling technology allowed for a entirely new sound and new abilities to sculpt interesting textures and allowed the user to store patches and sounds via floppy disc. This technology allowed for live replaying of patches and songs with great ease of use. Additionally, the Emulator featured 8 LFO's and an 8-step sequencer to further sample and sequence and also featured further editing via Mac computer. This synth was famously used in the film Ferris Beuller.

Notable Players: Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Tangerine Dream, New Order, Brian Wilson, Enya, John Carpenter

Product Specs

  • Emulator II
  • Black
  • 1984
Made In
  • United States

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