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This is a rich, versatile, yet hairy pedal that works for any application that needs gain, from blues all the way to the heaviest metal, and works in front of any amp.

Dunable partnered up with Scot Debockler at SNK Pedals, best known for their genius VHD distortion for the Complete Distorter. This is a high quality, hand-wired in the USA distortion. Likely the last you will ever need.

Controls are Gain, which controls the saturation between the first and second gain stages. Bass, Mid and Treble are a familiar British amp-style control with the mids centered around 1k to help cut through the mix. Presence control the overall brightness of the circuit and Volume controls the output level.

Product Specs

  • Complete Distorter
  • Silver / Yellow
  • 2019
Made In
  • United States