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Founded in 2005 and operating out of Canada, Dream Cymbals crafts hand-made drum set and orchestral cymbals. Though based in Canada, Dream manufactures all of their products in a family-owned gong factory in the Wuhan region of China. Opting for traditional Chinese cymbal-making methods as opposed to the popular Turkish means, each Dream cymbal is unique, even two of the exact same model and size.

The Bliss series is made in a traditional micro-lathing process with a smaller bell, broad bow design and light weight. The result is an atmospheric character with a brighter tonality than other Dream lines and organic stick feel.

Thinner than other models of this cymbal produced by other companies, the Bliss Crash/Ride retains the wash and attack of a crash with a delicate sticking sound when using the cymbal as a ride.

Years of production: 2010-present

Composition: B20 Alloy (80% copper, 20% tin, traces of silver)

Product Specs

  • 19" Bliss Series Crash/Ride Cymbal
  • Traditional
  • 2010s

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