DOD Vibrothang FX22 Vibrato
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Built with the iconic, durable FX series chassis, eye-catching red sparkle finish and intuitive controls for speed, depth, rate, and intensity, the DOD Vibro Thang FX22 Vibrato is a blast from the '90s past. Built to incorporate both vibrato and rotary effects in one pedal, the FX22 vacillates from a large, roomy swish to a tight, intense buzz with a few knob adjustments. Perfect for those new to the effects world and pedal collectors alike, the Vibro Thang is an excellent piece of '90s effects culture.

Product Specs

  • Vibrothang FX22
  • Red
  • 1990
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DOD Vibro Thang FX22 Vibrato
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  • cheap? yeah its cheap. go spend a bunch of $$$ on "the new, hot, what's next"...

    Verified Purchase

    I have this DOD pedal AND a Behringer Ultra Vibrato. I'm slumming. Low $$$ for the 2. They both do 1-3 things really well, cleanly, and with fidelity (THEY SOUND GOOD). Check out the reviews on youtube and keep an open mind. Or march straight down the track to yet another $150-250 single pedal p…

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  • One helluva lot of fun!!!!!

    Verified Purchase

    When I first heard about this pedal I fell in love with the name and just had to have one. Well it was worth every's a wonderful pedal if you love vibrato and tremolo then you may very well like this one. It's a bit nosier than modern effect pedals but it's nothing you can't live with. I…

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  • Diamond in the rough.

    Verified Purchase

    I had this pedal about 15 years ago. Loved it then, but couldn't get past a little 'tick' it made. All these years later, I got to thinking about it, and bought it again. It is such a unique pedal, you might just keep it on all the time. It is a combination of tremelo and phase. Whoever thought of…

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  • Great Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent product, versatile. Late 70's early 80's sound.

  • Verified Purchase

    DOD analogs and the Vibrothang- the best. Yea, you want to spend 150$ on some new stuff; go for it. I'd rather add to the guitar collection. And like I said, the DOD analogs are retro-cool and sound kick-can!