DOD FX60 Stereo Chorus 1980s Blue
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The DOD Stereo Chorus FX60 brings big '80s choral sounds in a small package with features like a diehard metal enclosure built road tough, a simple two-knob interface consisting of controls for speed and depth, and a slick ice blue finish. Operating by delaying the instrument signal between four and six milliseconds to create lush, wild chorus sounds with a slightly pitch-shifted edge that's mixed into the original signal for unique tone in your rig.

Product Specs

  • Stereo Chorus FX60
  • Blue
  • 1980s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DOD Stereo Chorus FX60
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  • Okay ...

    Verified Purchase

    But........ A little light on the strength of the effect. It is hard to tell if it is off or on.

    1 person found this helpful

  • Great Shape

    Verified Purchase

    Pedal was in great shape but missing the back panel.

  • Stellar Chorus Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Pair this with a square wave trem with the rate semi-high and the depth very subtle and it takes it to a whole other dimension

  • Awesome in every regard

    I love the simplicity of style in this DOD gem. This is probably my favorite pedal I have ever experienced, and am very grateful to have gotten mine in such great condition, with beautifully preserved components and everything sounding exactly how I dreamed it would.

  • DOD Chorus

    Verified Purchase

    I like it as much as my boss! Just way more inexpensive.