Dod Phasor 201
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Reviews for the DOD Phasor 201
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  • DOD Grey 201 Phasor

    Verified Purchase

    Great pedal. Especially if you are looking for something different than what everybody else and their dog has. Nice deep swirl that is not over the top as it is a 2x stage Phase. It is similar to a script logo Phase 45. I find the 4x and 10x stage Phasors like the MXR Phase 90 or Phase 100 to be a bit too much in their usability in real world situations.

  • It's a subtle effect, which can be made more noticeable with distortion. In my case, it'll be useful for psychedelic/glam/prog songs, but it will probably be last in line when making space on my pedalboard. I was really hoping for a tone that resembled the four-note melody in "Shine on You Crazy D…