1990 DOD Octoplus FX35 Octave USA
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The DOD Octoplus FX35 single-note octave pedal was initially released in 1986, its production lasting 8 years until its discontinuation in 1994. Though its circuitry may have been loosely based on that of the Boss OC-2, the Octoplus sports a Tone control for bass and treble that the Boss Octaver didn't have. For super quick tracking creating your suboctave notes, use the Octoplus with your neck pickup or after a boost or compression pedal.

Product Specs

  • Octoplus FX35
  • Blue
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DOD Octoplus FX35 Octave
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  • Verified Purchase

    Solid pedal. Single notes only. One octave down. Tone control for just the lower octave is a nice touch. Tracking is pretty good with my fender p bass but less accurate with my les paul.

  • Dod rules fools !

    Verified Purchase

    Im not a pedal snob i have cheap ones expensive ones so on so forth .well anyway all the first pedals i got for my bass were all dod pedals didn t get this one til now, well this pedal sounds great ! it s an octave pedal you know what it does and it does it well ! Yes it can get the boss oc2 synth t…

  • First off this thing is built like a tank and the footswitch feels nice to stomp on. The tone knob is a cool feature but only certain tone positions sound good to my ear. I prefer this over the EBS OctaBass, but not by much. It would be nice if it had an octave select option, but you can phone that in with the tone.

  • The charm is in what it doesn’t do.

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has a similar sound to the boss oc-2, but it’s different at the same time. It’s a lot glitchier and doesn’t track as well, so it can’t do the “organ” thing that the oc-2 does, and it also doesn’t have the sub-octave. The magic is in the glitch though. The tone control is pretty cool but…

  • Great pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    I'm a bassist who wanted to get those sweet subsynth tones but didn't like the way the Boss OC2 sounded or tracked. This pedal not only sounds much better, but also tracks better (although it's still not amazing at tracking, but for this kind of pedal that's to be expected). The tone knob on this is…