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Founded in 1973 by David Oreste DiFrancesco and John Johnson, DOD Electronics was later purchased by Harman, the parent company of DigiTech. DOD effects are popular within the experimental/noise music community, and are prized for their unique sounds. In 2013, the DOD brand was revived with a number of re-releases of classic effects.

The FX51 Juice Box, introduced in 1996, was DOD's first overdrive pedal. Designed to add an extra boost to a distorted amp channel, the Juice Box is also capable of functioning as a primary distortion pedal in a signal chain. Onboard EQ helps shape the tone and means a wide array of distorted sounds are possible within one pedal. 

Product Specs

  • FX51 Juice Box
  • Metallic Green
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States

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