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The DOD Carcosa Fuzz pulls from the playbook of vintage Maestro silicon fuzz boxes from the 1970s...but don't go and think that this pedal is just another clone. Switchable "Hali" and "Demhi" modes take this pedal from a bright, subtle fuzz to unbridled destruction, both of which can be extensively manipulated with the unique "Before" and "After" controls. These unassuming knobs work interactively to bias the fuzz with a number of sweet spots between both dials. When the Carcosa is really ripping and the treble gets to be a bit too much, simply roll around the hi-cut control to tame it down or even lop off the entirety of the high frequency spectrum for a lo-fi stoner rock sound from another era.


Product Specs

  • Carcosa Fuzz
  • Black
  • 2010s

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