Featuring seven separate flange modes between triggered, step, and constant rise/fall flanging all controlled from a streamlined interface, the Digitech Turbo Flanger adds big, modulated tone in a compact package. Capable of jumping from a slight twang to full, illustrious swirls, the Turbo Flanger is great for indie, experimental, or alt-folk.

Product Specs

  • Turbo Flange Stereo Flanger
  • Purple Sparkle
  • 2000s

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Reviews for the Digitech Turbo Flanger
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  • Sounds Awesome on Bass Guitar!

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this for use with bass guitar. I'm amazed at the quality and variety of the sounds! This pedal doesn't seem to suffer for being digital and it doesn't thin out my tone. The pedal itself is quite heavy and very robust. It sounds great and I'm very pleased!

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  • Versatile flanging

    Verified Purchase

    Incredibly versatile flanger, including the insane "step-flange" setting. Aeroplane lift-off swoosh doesn't sound quite as on good my other one-setting flanger, but makes up for this with the options available. Stereo in and out makes this a great addition to my pedal board.

  • Oh it sounds lovely

    Verified Purchase

    I've had a few other flanger pedals like the Donner Jet Convolution, and the DOD FX75C Stereo Flanger. This DigiTech is a great flanger pedal with a wide variety of tones. The big advantage is that X-series gimmick extra control; the voicing control. It gives you 7 different forms of modulation to …

  • Verified Purchase

    Love it! It's digital and not analog so I'm using an EQ to fatten up the tone to sound analog. It's worth it because with this Flanger you get a lot of options aaaaand at a very affordable price. Was using the Boss BF-2 and tried the Danelectro Triple Psycho Flange. I prefer this one for its range and capabilities. Hope this helps!