DigiTech TRIO Plus Band Creator + Looper w/ FS3X 3-Button Footswitch

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Reviews for the DigiTech TRIO Plus Band Creator + Looper w/ FS3X 3-Button Footswitch
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  • Logitech trio

    Verified Purchase

    Received in perfect condition, bought used but can't tell the difference from a new one. Still learning how to use it but seems very intuitive and I don't foresee any problems with using it.

  • This is a must have if you dont regularly play with a band

    Easy to use, insightful practice tool. Hands down worth the money. Beginner or advanced, there are many benefits to owning and using this whether learning, recording or just performing solo with back ground you've created.

  • Great Practice Tool!

    Verified Purchase

    This is a really nice way to practice riffs, soloing over progressions, etc. A good educational tool. I understand that some might want to try to perform with this, and I suppose one could, if you wanted to spend a lot of time perfecting all the possibilities. For me, I get to jam with my favorite m…

  • Perfect!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this unit. It makes it possible to learn at perfect rhythm and not bore band members. A true path to discovery.

  • Great Practice Tool

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this just for practicing lead work, and it is well worth the money. I like the drums and bass patterns, and the looper is great for adding the rhythm guitar parts. The unit will do so much than I'm using it for; don't know how deep I'll go with it.