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Reviews for the Digitech Tone Driver Overdrive
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  • Perfect in between

    Digitech makes great for a great price and with the Tone Driver they got it right. It's perfect for an all around Overdrive Pedal. It's very versatile and can be perfect to boost and accent pedals you have chained up.

  • Diamond in the Rough

    Verified Purchase

    These pedals are worth the price....very versatile ,,,from light sustain to full blown saturation....the morph knob is the key to the various tones that you you will use ....A very affordable and useful overdrive....Highly Recommended!

  • It tries to be an OD.

    Verified Purchase

    It’s sound is very two dimensional. Not a good choice.

  • Not a bad pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of tones to choose from, none of which are that great, the pedal is well built but I sold it due to the fact that none of tones were worth having on the pedal board. Not the worst pedal I have heard but defitinitly not the best. mediocre at best

  • Versatile, Solid OD Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Had been using a Digitech Bad Monkey, and bought this as another flavor of OD to use along the same lines. I use the mixer out (with cabinet sim) from these direct to an acoustic amp (I use a Taylor T5, for both acoustic and electric tones). I had to use the Bad Monkey in a looper, because the cab…