DigiTech OBSCURA  Altered Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
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The DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay is a dark and twisted take on the standard delay effect. This pedal features four classic delay types: Tape, Lo-Fi, Analog, and Reverse. The DigiTech Obscura also has a Level control, Delay Tails switch, and stacked knobs for Time/Repeats and Tone/Degrade to further distort the sound. The footswitch allows for Tap Tempo, Repeat, and Hold modes, and the compact size combined with stereo in and out makes the DigiTech Obscura a small powerhouse for creating crazy echoes.

Product Specs

  • Obscura Altered Delay
  • White
  • 2015
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay
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  • Verified Purchase

    It is a cool and versatile delay. The only con for me is that too much of the time and repeat knobs go to extremes and the usable range is sensitive as a result.

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  • Performs well beyond price point.

    Verified Purchase

    I have 3 other delays on my board (a DD-3 an AD-80 and a DOD rubberneck) so I really only use this for reverse, but it is probably my all time favorite reverse delay thus far. However if you are looking for one delay this may also be a great option. The analog setting is also one of the best I've h…

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  • Awesome!

    Verified Purchase

    This thing is just awesome. I admit I’m an analog snob but I am completely blown away by the sound quality of this digital unit. The fact that one can get a multitude of extraordinary high quality effects in one pedal is remarkable. Looks to be well built. No power supply but who cares if it kee…

  • Obscura delay

    Verified Purchase

    I was very very surprised by this pedal. After going thru and having bunch of delays, this one struck me right out if box. Just perfect in any way. It took me a mere minute to find a tone I was after. This pedal will be permanent member on my board for a long time. Also it makes me take a second look at Digitech line of effect pedals. No regrets.

  • Feature rich delay at an affordable price

    Verified Purchase

    Really, for under $100, I don't think you're gonna find a delay that does as much. My only real beef with it is that they made it so the dry signal completely cuts out in reverse mode, which sort of makes that mode a really specific use case. Otherwise all the voicings sound great. Does everythin…