The DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal captures the sounds of legendary songs in one unit of one of the world's most visionary guitarists. Housed in a sturdy metal chassis with a sparkling purple finish, the Experience sports compact dual-knob controls for Gain/Level, Hi/Low EQ, and Reverb/Control, along with a separate knob for selecting from one of the seven painstakingly recreated models. Built from original tapes kept by Jimi's guitar tech, you can go from Voodoo Child to Purple Haze with a simple twist.

Product Specs

  • Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • Purple
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal
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  • Hendrix Experince Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    It is pretty good, sounds are great - just when you switch from intro then into chords, the volume peaks so loud on the chords though, you have to have both feet going, on the volume pedal and the Hendrix to balance the sound. Still trying to get me head around that - still a good pedal though

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  • Its close

    Verified Purchase

    Great sound . Especially if your willing to take some time on it. But the build quality is lacking. Foot assembly always seems to have a crack Mine did. And others for sale seem to problem. And the pedal needs the rocker foot switch to work to fully take advantage of the effects. But, still one…

  • Hendrix experience pedal

    Verified Purchase

    It has become one of my favorite pedals.incredible tone and flavor.easier to dial in for that right sound.im thankful to own this pedal. Thanks reverb.five star service

  • I have to disagree with Barry P.'s review. I own one of these, and using a Fender Voodoo or '65 Strat into it and directly into a recorder, it is very accurate to the original recordings. Since it models the entire recording chain, it sounds more like the Jimi recordings than I can get using the …

  • Verified Purchase

    I didn't find any of the pedals settings to be even remotely accurate,