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Reviews for the DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper
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  • Love some of it..

    Verified Purchase

    Ok, I love the ability to sync to other Digitech Products. I bought an sDrum on a lark and like the way they can sync. It is takes some getting used to. I have been using the Boss RC loopers and have gotten quite good at hitting the start of a drum loop coming from another pedal, so this seems su…

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  • New at looping

    Verified Purchase

    This is one complicated pedal. Luckily, it's fairly intuitive once you really get at it. I trust Digitech to make quality and I wasn't let down. It's sturdy and accessible. My loops are crisp and clean without any noticeable changes to my tone. After much experimenting, I ended up placing it at the …

  • Superior to Boss RC-3

    Verified Purchase

    JamMan Solo XT allows you to play loops back to back, syncs with other DigiTech products, add up to 32 Gig SD men for up to 400 ten minute loops or single play recordings, and cost less than Boss RC-3 loop station. I have both.

  • DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper

    Verified Purchase

    Bon produit conforme en achat d'ocassion. Fiche du bloc Alimentation un peu sujette à des déconnexions donc reboot de la pédale. Penser à resserer la fiche...

  • Does everything you need in a looper and more! The JamSync that it has with the Sdrum pedal is very useful for a solo musician.