The DigiTech Bass Squeeze is a dual-band compressor/sustainer pedal developed in collaboration with dbx and designed specifically for bass guitar. dbx's OverEasy compression technology from the 160A compressor pairs up with controls for separate high and low-frequency compression with adjustable crossover, letting you perfectly tune what frequency ranges get squished, and how hard. Get pumping, sucking bass compression or clamp down on slapping attack by compressing high frequencies with the twist of a couple knobs.

Product Specs

  • X-Series Bass Squeeze Compressor/Sustain
  • Copper
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the DigiTech Bass Squeeze Dual Band Bass Compressor Pedal
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  • Very Misunderstood pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Very subtle compressor. If your looking for a "Big Squish", then this is not for you. I was able find very usable tones within minutes. $35 bucks makes this a hidden gem, if you know how to cut it... Less is more with this guy so give the "Little Squeeze" a try.

  • First world problems

    Verified Purchase

    Such a FWP to think that a pedal with such great tones still leaves me wanting more control. A Digitech pedal only has four knobs on it, and two of those knobs are for low-band compression and high-band compression, one is for level, leaving one for crossover. What would have been nicer is to have…

  • Verified Purchase

    DigiTech makes a lot of good pedals, but this compressor does not cut it, with the crossover you can mix your lows and highs some what but it just is not clear, maybe DigiTech could have done something from the start to make it right, but for the price I guess not.

  • Not a stellar performer

    I've been using this pedal (foolishly) for ten years. The concept of the pedal is great, with the supposed ability to compress the low and high frequencies to whatever extent you desire. By setting the crossover frequency knob, you are able to "divide" the compression ability to the lo- and high-b…