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Reviews for the Diezel VH4 Distortion Pedal
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  • Excellent, not quite perfect.

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent, probably the best "Distortion" Pedal I have ever used. My only complaint is that it lacks the fullness, low end. If you can use it with a big iron fender, would be best. Best to use it on the clean channel. Not really made to boost an already gainy channel. Overall its a keeper.

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  • High quality Amp in a stomp box

    Verified Purchase

    This is the best modeling/pedal I have ever used. Very responsive adjustments and easily fine tuneable. You will not be disappointed if you’re looking for that Tool, A Perfect Circle, Metallica type sound. Very durable but very light weight. LED is blue and very bright. Overall best purchase for effects I’ve ever made.

  • Amp in a Box

    Verified Purchase

    Of all the dirt boxes I've tried, this one sounds and feels the most convincingly like a pushed tube amplifier (with the Friedman BE-OD being a close second) But perhaps more importantly, it truly captures the character of the exalted VH4, that mid-range snarl and aggression, the sparkling highs, t…

  • Diezel amp in a box

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome sounding high gain pedal. Sounds just like the amp.

  • Verified Purchase

    Its a powerful sound