Built with a streamlined interface of pregain and volume designed to produce, fat, round fuzz at lower gain and a fierce, fuzzing attack at higher gain, the Devi Ever Soda Meiser Fuzz offers a big spectrum of snarl in a compact, easy-to-use package. Compared to the tones of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeff Buckley, the Soda Meiser works wonders complementing a synth or octave effect while also pushing more than enough vintage fuzz grit to stand on its own.

Product Specs

  • Soda Meiser
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Devi Ever Soda Meiser Fuzz
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  • Verified Purchase


  • Devi Ever Rules!

    She knows how to build fuzz pedals, and this ones a gem. Not only is the fuzz sound great with a wide range of tones, but it's gated in a smooth way and the Chaos switch is great if you love the sound of everything breaking and falling apart with strange unpredicatable sounds and feedback. It's a must on my board now!!

  • Awesome pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Only 4 stars because when I recieved it it wasn't fulling funcitoning. The wires were shortening out so I had to open it up and perform some surgery. It's a little finicky in that regard. I'm afraid I can't be cautious enough when using and engaging it. Awesome pedal though, it's gaited VERY well. …

  • Extreme

    Fun and energetic pedal. Sound is good and cuts the mix like a razor.

  • Devi i love you

    Verified Purchase

    Ive bought a ton of fuzz pedals. This is the best fuzz ive ever owned other a NYC big muff. (This is more fuzzy and the muff is more of a distortion in my opinion) They are both stuck to my board for good. Also those two particular pedals sound killer when stacked. I put off buying a devi ever for a…