Built with vintage fuzz-based circuitry paired with a strong gate for an aggressive 8-bit effect and controls for volume and pregain, the Devi Ever Bit: Legend Of Fuzz sounds like an old NES cartridge sent through a wood chipper. Designed on the basis on the Shin-Ei fuzz with boutique attention and Devi's signature aggressive edge, the Legend of Fuzz brings a feral, analog tone to your rig with an easy two-knob interface for controlling the beast.

Product Specs

  • Bit: Legend Of Fuzz
  • Metal
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Devi Ever : FX Bit: Legend Of Fuzz Pedal
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  • Not the pedal I bought.

    I got a Mig Buff, not the pedal reverb thinks I bought. It's a great variant of the EH Big Muff, but nor quite what I was looking for. The other issue was the placement of the input and output jacks and the power adapter. Trying to make space on a crowded pedal board and having the plugs too crowded for right angle signal cables is a problem. Sonic-wise really cool tho.

  • Fantastic!! Thanks!

    Love the pedal! Service was speedy and impeccable, with class! Would recommend 100%!! Thanks again! -Tabitha

  • Great tones, temperamental volume.

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is nice and compact and offers some really cool tones best suited for single note riffs or leads. Can't take a power chord at all! My issue is that the volume is crazy sensitive. A hair past 8 o'clock and you're in for some non user friendly chaos. I'm having someone have a look at changing the volume potentiometer to make it a little more usable.

  • FUN 8-bit sounds

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of useable Fuzz tone in this, but it's really fun to just tinker with throwing the knobs on 10 and working backward, getting some bit-style fuzz with a lot of splattery sounds. It may not be the fuzz for you if you're looking for just one, but if you love fuzz, and find yourself keeping a ton of different fuzzboxes around, give this a shot to add to your arsenal.