The Death By Audio Reverberation Machine is a digital reverb pedal featuring controls for Volume, Altitude, and Reverb Blend, as well as two different reverb modes: Bright and Dark.

Product Specs

  • Reverberation Machine
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Death By Audio Reverberation Machine
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  • Sort of a one or two trick pony but does that trick very well.

    I only like one setting on this pedal but that one setting is superb and i cannot replicate it unless i use 2 pedals. Basically the reverb cranked about 70-80% all the way up and the dirt maxed is one of the best lofi reverb sounds i have ever heard. Sounds better on the bright side but the dark side is very charming as well.

  • creative experimental spring verb

    it can do subtle but the light and dark switch and heavy gain on tap makes this a versatile experimental reverb machine. can get loud, heavy, weird, trippy, and even pretty. not your typical verb but very musical and pushes creative directions.

  • Stellar pedal for the ultimate sonic journey

    This is with no doubt one of the best pedals i've ever got my hands on, and i have tried quite a few. The sonic territories you can explore with it are almost endless. It is really hard to describe all it can do. Try and imagine a kubrickian, 2001: A Space Odissey kinda vibe mixed with early 90's alternative rock sounds. Just incredible!

  • Unique...but not my jam....

    I like off kilter noisey sounds as much as the next player but I just couldn't bond with this one. I expected it to lean a bit extreme, but I found it's most unique tones were just to harsh. At least to my ears. It did what it's supposed to and a big hell yeah for veering away from the tight variations of the same things out there.

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