The Death By Audio Harmonic Transformer is an inter-modulating distortion/ fuzz capable of providing and unleashing a huge sound and extreme effects. While it's control panel is very simple, featuring a switchable harmonic shape controls, intensity waveforms, and a master volume switch, its effects range from aleatoric outer-space sounds to harsh and overdriven fuzz suitable for all filthy guitar and bass needs. A truly unique and raucous fuzz/distortion pedal only Death By Audio could dream up.

Product Specs

  • Harmonic transformer
  • Silver
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Death By Audio Harmonic transformer
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  • Verified Purchase

    Love it ! Brings that extra cut when needed and a bit of the great unknown. Pushes the envelope to create a chaotic surge right at those pertinent times . When you think it’s all about to fall apart this pedal rides you through that wave and comes back crashing through like a tsunami of sound !

  • nasty nasty nasty

    Verified Purchase

    out of the ordinary more suitable for noise/drone/punk/experimental--farther out than fuzz of jackson 5 era. not tame.