The Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay transforms your live clean vocals into a swirling, deconstructed lo-fi soundscape that becomes an instrument all its own. Constructed with a three-knob design for feedback in seconds, delay in milliseconds, and mix, the Echo Master offers and upfront vintage tape warmth by plugging in the pedal and tweaking the controls a little bit. Start really toying with this effect and you'll get everything from a robotic ring modulation to a metallic undulation to reverberated decay for all your experimental vocal needs on stage.

Product Specs

  • Echo Master
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay
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  • Great vocal effect

    Verified Purchase

    True it can get crazy oscillations, but it can also get a real nice slap back and vocal delay that is warm. I think it helps to get the mic clip as I can adjust the timing of the delay to match the song, well pretty close anyway. The send and return is fun. I have put phasers, trems, and distortions…

  • Love it!

    Verified Purchase

    It's been fun having a way to add to my vocals. Glad i got the mic stand mount. The effects loop adds endless possibilities!

  • Verified Purchase

    I can't wait to start experimenting with this thing live. I've never used vocal effects before, so this will be the first attempt. I like that it's analog and that it's unconventional. Wish there were more reviews of that thing.

  • Unique crazy effect!

    Verified Purchase

    Unique crazy effect! Way cooler than those Boss or TC Helicon pedals everyone use around here! I get asked about it every show!

  • Vocal echo

    Verified Purchase

    This was a good alternative to an actual tape echo although you don't get the same analog warmth. the send/return feature opens up the limitless possibilities for customization on your vocal. Dial in your feedback, time and mix for desired echo.