The DBX 560A is a 500 Series compressor / limiter with VCA gain reduction, and an adaptation of the rackmounted DBX dynamics processors with similar features like "overeasy" compression and negative ratio (-1:1).

Pricing here reflects a pair of 560A modules without a frame/power supply.

Product Specs

  • 560A 500 Series Compressor Limiter Pair
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the dbx 560A 500 Series Compressor Limiter Pair
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  • Great Utilitarian Compression

    Verified Purchase

    They do a job - gain reduction. Theres two options: Normal and "overeasy" or soft knee compression. When you want a module to do one thing and do it well - the dbx560s are great for that. If you expect anything else other than that - don't bother.

  • Verified Purchase

    Just picked a couple of these. Loving them on kick, snare and overall drum parallel.