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Reviews for the dbx 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter
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  • Verified Purchase


  • Decent for vocals, lotta channels, little money

    Verified Purchase

    Got this in order to compress vocals during tracking, for which it seems adequate. Tried it on drums and a stereo mix and wasn’t super thrilled, but in fairness, this could be mostly due to lack of familiarity with the unit. Not a super in depth piece of gear without a sidechain input or time controls, but for a cheap, no frills unit, it works fine.

  • Good for broadcast applications

    Verified Purchase

    I needed some quick and easy compression for a remote, live broadcasting multi-mic VO set up and this worked very well-for the $. Only real concern is that it runs pretty hot. Make sure you have good ventilation around the unit, or you risk melting what's above it in the rack. Also, the rubber knobs…