The Dave Smith Instruments Tetra take 4 voices from the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 to create a incredibly compact analog desktop polysynth. With sub-oscillators on every voice, analog Curtis low-pass filters, and four-part multitimbrality that can be routed to four separate outputs, the Tetra can also be poly chained via MIDI with other synths for additional polyphony.

Product Specs

  • Tetra
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra 4-Voice Analog Synthesizer
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  • Awesome piece of kit.

    Verified Purchase

    This is an amazing small 4 vioce analogue sytnh. Very nice warm pads and leads. It also has a combo mod that plays different drum beats etc. I highly recommend buying the editiing software as it opens this up like a tin can and really allows you to change the sounds and make sounds from scratch.

  • Compact and powerful synth

    Verified Purchase

    Great sounding with tons of modulation options - 4 lfos, 3 envelopes, pressure, velocity, etc. Clean and thick analogue sound with a nice filter. It can generate a wide range of different sounds. Would be nice to have an off button.

  • Just what I was looking for

    Verified Purchase

    Needed to expand the outs on my Groovebox & improve some of the sounds which I was not happy with. Does this perfectly with 4 analog voices to 4 independent outs. Does traditional instruments no justice (horns, drums, strings etc) but; for modulating, grinding, throbbing noise, YES. & such a small footprint

  • I have two

    Verified Purchase

    I have 2 Tetra 4s I got used so it's like a Prophet 8 but the take up no space and have the sub osc and feedback! Polychain is nonissue. Although I like roland strings, DSI strings are good too just different, grittier and really rip on a good way.

  • Nice 4 the road

    Verified Purchase

    Very good little unit to take on the road. Dave Smith sound that takes up no room.