The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is a deep and powerful hybrid analog monophonic synthesizer with paraphonic capabilities. Featuring 4 digital oscillators that can be played in unison or individually, the Pro 2 uses two filters per oscillator that can be routed in series or parallel, based on the low-pass filter of the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and the state-variable filter of the Oberheim SEM. The Pro 2 also offers a multi-track 16x16 or 32x8 step sequencer, sliders and wheels for control, a 44-key keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, a complex modulation matrix, and built-in effects such as delay, feedback, distortion, and the Character section.

Product Specs

  • Pro 2
  • Black
  • 2010 - 2017
Made In
  • United States
Number of Keys
  • 44 Keys

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Reviews for the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Monophonic Hybrid Synthesizer
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  • Absolutely recommended!

    Verified Purchase

    Really high end hybrid sinth, (digital oscillator can not match that, for example, of Moog Sub 37, that i also own) but Pro 2 is capable of fantastic, complex, ever fascinating sounds. Naming all features is too long but the powerful and versatile sequencer, effects like 4 delays, two incredi…

  • It's its own thing.

    Verified Purchase

    Even if you own other mono synths, the Pro 2 will fill in some holes, doing things your other synths can't. This is my 2nd. After A/Bing my first with a Subsequent 37 it was undeniable that the Moog's Oscillators, on their own, were more satisfying, and the raw tone of the Moog won out. But....noone…

  • Good for Modern and Vintage sounds

    Verified Purchase


  • Most versatile around IMO

    This one is so good.. I use it on every single project weekly. To say versatile is nice.. But its not enough. Its a monster and the best synth ive tried and had hands down.

  • So far, so amazing!

    Verified Purchase

    It's deep. I've been a synth guy for a long time and have a Dave Smith Tempest so I'm familiar with the software. If you want one, get it! It's too bad I'll die before coming to any end to this fine machine. I think it's the greatest synth ever made.. now If I can get a pro 12....