Dave Smith Instruments Evolver - Hybrid Analog Synthesizer
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As the first product made by Dave Smith Instruments, the Evolver is a hybrid monophonic synth that marks the return of Dave Smith to the world of hardware synthesizers. Featuring two analog DCOs and two wavetable oscllators, the Evolver also taps into the power of the analog Curtis filter and its complex modulation matrix of 24 sources and over 75 destinations. The Evolver also features three syncable delays, a 16-step 4-track sequencer, 512 editable patches of memory, MIDI In/Out/Thru/Poly Chain, and stereo inputs and outputs.

Product Specs

  • Evolver
  • Blue
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States
Number of Keys
  • 61 Keys

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Reviews for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
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  • Excellent.

    Top Seller.

  • 5th Voice

    Verified Purchase

    I added this desktop module to make a polychained 5th voice to my Poly Evolver Keyboard (PEK). As a module this can be entirely controlled by the PEK

  • Verified Purchase

    There is no other synth that sounds like this. Its character really comes out when you push the modulation towards the extreme and start saturating the signal path. Holds its own for straight-ahead lead etc sounds. Has tons of character and flexibility as an effects processor. I just ordered a second one!