Founded by a touring guitarist dissatisfied with the high prices on boutique effects, Daredevil Pedals crafts small-batch, handmade pedals and operates out of Chicago, Il.

The Logan Square Destroyer is a silicon-based fuzz designed to emulate the sound of '60s fuzz boxes.

Product Specs

  • LSD (Logan Square Destroyer)
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Daredevil LSD (Logan Square Destroyer)
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  • High-gain fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    A silicon fuzz that is well made and only really needs two controls: level & gain. I keep the gain set pretty low and it gets great 70's fuzz. If you're looking for lots of gain out of a fuzz, this one is for you. A/B'ed with a Germanium fuzz and I really have to perk my ears to hear the difference.

  • A truly unsung classic!!!

    Verified Purchase

    I go through a LOT of fuzzes. I mean around 5 - 10 a month. Few stick around and even fewer survive a live gig test. Wow...this beast just had me hooked from the moment I kicked it in. It sounds BIG but controllable...even at full throttle I can get clarity but still thickness. It sounds like a Fuzz…