This vintage-themed pedal from Danelectro features a unique six-position rotary knob to select the amount of breakup to blend in with your boosted tone. Bordering on traditional overdrive territory, this pedal lies at the opposite end of the boost spectrum from something like a basic clean booster.

Product Specs

  • The Breakdown
  • White
  • 2019
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Danelectro The Breakdown
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  • Guitar God?

    I have researched some but haven't found the Guitar God mentioned yet...Can it be divulged? Great reviews on this one!

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  • Very Nice!

    Verified Purchase

    Saw all the demos so I needed to know what was up. This is def it chief.

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  • Great booster

    Verified Purchase

    Gives everything from a clean boost to a decent distorted overdrive!

  • Great Overdrive

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has a different feel from my other overdrive pedals. It has a ton of volume and then one knob for 6 settings....so simple! The pedal doesn't cover up the amp sound at all. It just seems to push the front end of the amp very powerfully! I seriously can't tell there is a pedal in front of …