Danelectro DJ-13 French Toast Octave Distortion
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Product Specs

  • French Toast Octave Fuzz
  • Aqua
  • 2000s

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Reviews for the Danelectro French Toast Octave Fuzz Aqua
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  • Defective

    Verified Purchase

    This is the third French Toast pedal I have bought and returned all from different sellers in the last month. It is a shame because it is exactly what I am looking for if I could find one that works. When the button is engaged it has a high pitched howling feedback that only stops when you dial the …

  • Worth it.

    This pedal is awful and amazing at the same time. Every guitarist should own one but it probably shouldn't be your first pedal. For me, it works best in front of a Tube Screamer / SD-1 set like a boost. It's not true bypass, it's noisy (only when on and not playing), it doesn't have an LED, it's …

  • One of the best buys you can make

    I've never had the opportunity to use a Foxx Tone Machine to make a direct comparison but I do know, with 100% certainty, that for the money, this is one of the finest octave fuzz pedals you can buy. This French Toast is made with mashed bananas, mixed wild berry compote, rich maple syrup (not that …

  • Sleeper

    Verified Purchase

    Amazing fuzz pedal. Nasty sounding. Octave up is musical. Time knob is perfect. At low gain settings and no octave this is an amazing od pedal, if you roll your guitar volume back. Octave on low gain setting can produce some ring mod tones. These usually sell new for $40-50. 👍

  • Fuzz

    It fuzzes like a fuzz, it has a octave up. Sounds great, would never take it on stage, but it sounds great.