Danelectro D-5 FAB Chorus
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Reviews for the Danelectro Fab Chorus
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  • Verified Purchase

    I use this chorus pedal every single day on my board! When I was recording my band's album, my bassist tried his chorus pedal, but it just wasn't what he wanted! We switched his out with mine, and it was beautiful!!! I LOVE this pedal. Just bought one for my bassist!

  • EXCEPTIONAL (an objective opinion)

    I have roughly $500 worth of pedals on my board right now. I like having nice pedals but I have never really come across a pedal that made me get rid of my Danelectro. It just sounds phenomenal for the sometimes $15 brand new. It gets as luscious or as creepy as you could possibly want it. There's …

  • Verified Purchase

    For being a cheap pedal, it really is your best bang for the buck chorus pedal. It took a little fine tuning to find the sweet spots on the knobs but it really has a nice tone. I would suggest this pedal for anyone who doesn't know if they want a chorus pedal or not. It can be modded and that's a pl…

  • Great starter, or for mods

    Verified Purchase

    This is a great pedal if you need a basic chorus sound but want to save some cash. Its controls are limited, but cover most of the bases. It sounds most like the CE-5, without the EQ controls. It's not as deep or lush as the CE-2, and it definitely doesn't do anything fancy. There's a great mod for …