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Product Specs

  • Cool Cat Vibe
  • Surf Green
  • 2000s
Reviews for the Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe
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  • If JIMI was still alive, he'd positively be playing one of these!

    Verified Purchase

    Dude, this pedal is AWESOME! Two controls (speed, intensity), and a mix control, which you could consider an 'effect strength' control, let you get the fullest possible spectrum of vibe, maaan. And what a vibe! It's just beautiful! Did I say it LOVES single coil guitars, cause it does. Do this: get …

  • Excellent Dano cool cat

    Verified Purchase

    Great univibe and to my ears is as good as the real thing but quids cheaper sure this pedal will increase in value in years to come thanks

  • Danelectro Cool Cat

    Verified Purchase

    Product is very close to the Actual Univibe Sound. Amazing value!