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Reviews for the Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire Classic
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  • Versatile / Dynamic

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this pedal used on reverb. It’s great. VERY responsive to dynamics. I love this pedal. There’s a wide range of tone you can pull out of this pedal. With the knobs at a moderate level, you can keep the distortion at a mild level at lower volumes, and then turn it up when you want gritty di…

  • Superb boost, solid drive....

    Verified Purchase

    Don't expect fuzz-you ain't gettin' none. Nice organic light to medium drive/distortion with nice body and sensitivity, very pleasing... The standout is the clean boost-worth the money alone!

  • Beyond the Realms of Depth

    Verified Purchase

    This is unlike any other boost/overdrive. It has a vibe of its own, but retains the sound and character of the guitar and the amp, and I have to agree with those who state that it 'just makes everything sound bigger'. It adds definition and punch/clarity, yet has a harmonic complexity beyond any ped…