CAPI VP28 W/ Red Dot Op Amps and Litz Output Transformers 500 Series
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  • CAPI is where it's at!

    Verified Purchase

    I'm really loving all the 500 series products from CAPI. Some of their mic preamps I've built myself (VP25 & VP26) and I've purchase some here on Reverb from other builders and sellers (VP28). The VP28, specifically being two-stage, allows for more exaggerated color and drive. This can be highly dep…

  • Get this by CAPI!! NOT API

    Verified Purchase

    The CAPI VP28 needs no introduction and it is incredible on all sources! It’s cheaper because it comes from a kit that someone makes, but don’t let that fool you, this kicks the CRAP out of the API stuff that’s marked up because it’s made in a factory. This thing is rugged and sounds so good! Get al…

  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds great!

  • Capi vp28 (litz/red dots)

    Verified Purchase

    this thing exceeds expectations of a "preamp" 500 series. totally thick sounding from the 3 trannys and 2 op amps. So good for folk and rock and roll music. So good for getting a vibe straight into the computer. Setting both at 1 o'clock give it drive and saturation and just move the mic around …