The Fat Bald Guy is Chicago Stompworks' take on the V3 Red & Black Big Muff Pi, handwired with true bypass switching.

Product Specs

  • Fat Bald Guy
  • Metallic
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Chicago Stompworks Fat Bald Guy
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  • Outstanding Fuzz Pedal!

    I've been searching for a pedal to nail the Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream era sound and this is it! Super versatile controls that'll also get you from indie, to punk, to metal, doom and sludge. Works well with Fenders, Marshalls, and Vox. Solid build quality as well.

  • Moose Pie (Naked Version)

    I scored a deal on an unpainted version of the Moose Pie directly from Chicago Stompworks. I have to tell you; I have played through a TON of fuzzboxes over the 35 (cripes I'm old) years I've been playing, and this...THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL of Gilmour Fuzz tones. I A/B'd this with my Keeley Dark Side…

  • Buzz buzz buzz, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, beeewhhheeeeeeeeeee, yowwwwwwwwwww

    Verified Purchase

    Love it. Deeper and bassier fuzz territory, here. Love the Stomp.


    Verified Purchase

    I play drop-B and se it to play doomish/stoner rock and it blew me away how much of the definition you keep even when dialing dirt over 3 o clock. I'd say it's better than the big muff pi i tried at a local guitar shop, and that was a pedal i liked. i LOVE this one. it's just funny how some of my fat bald friends have to pretend they are not offended by the name hehe.


    Verified Purchase

    I have been searching for a "tone" for the last 15 + years; a combination of Randy Bachman on The Guess Who's "American Woman" and John Fogerty on Creedence Clearwater's "Born on the Bayou." This lead guitar sound epitomizes the TONE that I love. Chicago Stompworks' "Fat Bald Guy" has all that FUZZ …