Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl mkII Analog Chorus/Vibrato
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All-analog vibrato and chorus are available in the highly adjustable Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MKII, a pedal that make a guitar sound like it was ripped fresh from the vinyl of a well-loved record. It's true to pitch and includes knobs for Tone, Volume, Mix, Depth, Warp, and RPM. Incredibly, every knob and switch is digital while your guitar signal remains entirely analog throughout its processing. The Warped Vinyl pedal also offers a dizzying array of regular switches, dipswitches, and footswitches, making it one of the most customizable pedals available.
  • Updated from the original Warped Vinyl in 2015, the Warped Vinyl mkII offers reduced noise, wider vibrato pitch range, a tone knob for the vibrato, and the first appearance of Top Mounted Dip switches, which would find their way onto the full Chase Bliss Audio line after this point.
  • Updated again in 2017 to the Warped Vinyl HiFi which further reduced noise, increased the overall clarity, and added the Lag knob and momentary features to the tap switch


Product Specs

  • Warped Vinyl mkII
  • White
  • 2015 - 2017
Made In
  • United States

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