Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall V2 Red Knob Mod Analog Delay

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The Chase Bliss Tonal Recall brings their future forward design philosophy to bear on the world of delay. Pairing the presets and other digital niceties we've come to expect from Chase Bliss pedals with pure analog delay, the Tonal Recall gives you the best of both worlds. Miles of blooming, organic delay are on tap, plus a plethora of modulation options for driving your tone into subtle tape warble, classic Memory Man-style chorus, or churning seas of echo and spin. With the extensive MIDI, CV and expression pedal integration standard on every Chase Bliss pedal, the Tonal Recall is also a highly interactive performer capable of sweeping feedback, delay times, mix and more. For any delay sound, from classic analog to modern experimental, the Tonal Recall delivers.
  • Updated in 2017 from the original Tonal Recall, the Red Knob Mod increased the delay time to 1100ms in the Long setting, increased the fidelity of the repeats, adjusted the behavior of the oscillations, and brightened the overall tone

Product Specs

  • Tonal Recall RKM Red Knob Mod Analog Delay
  • Graphic with Red Knobs
  • 2017 - 2018

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